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UK stands ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with Poland: British MD

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said on Monday that his country supported Poland, now its most important ally, and that Britain stands “shoulder to shoulder” with Poland were anything to happen.

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Wallace told the state-owned TVP Info news channel that it was very important for Great Britain to have its soldiers train alongside those from Poland and the Baltic countries.

He made his comments at a press conference that was held after a meeting of the so-called Northern Group, an informal cooperation format bringing together NATO and EU members bordering the Baltic or North Sea, held in Legionowo, a suburb of Warsaw.

The meeting was also attended by Poland’s Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak.

Wallace said that his country wanted to support Poland, its most important ally, which is why a clear and strong signal is being sent, and not only to the international community but to Russia, as well.

The defense minister also spoke out on Poland’s military potential, which he assesses as “huge”. He added that Poland was aware of the fact that it had a neighbor that was very aggressive and, as such, is spending much on defense. He noted how this was a good investment since it also created new jobs in Poland.

Wallace added that Ukraine may need yet one more year in order to regain its territory, and that this goal can be achieved if it gains everyone’s support.

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