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Belarusian and Russian officers involved in attacks on Polish Border Guard

The Belarusian and Russian security services are involved in frequent attacks targeting Polish patrols on Poland’s border with Belarus, a senior Polish security official has said.

Sticks and stones won’t break Polish Border Guards’ bones

Surveillance cameras detected a group of migrants approaching the border barrier in Białowiea on Thursday evening. According to Border Guard…

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According to Stanislaw Zaryn, the commissioner for information-space security, Border Guard (SG) officers had stones hurled at them after stopping a group of 13 foreigners attempting to enter Poland in the Bialowieza Forest.

Some individuals in the group wore masks and were carrying two-way radios.

W wyniku sobotniego(20.05) ataku cudzoziemców na patrol #funkcjonariuszeSG uszkodzona została przednia szyba w samochodzie służbowym.
Cudzoziemcy agresją reagują na patrole🇵🇱stojące im na drodze na zachód Europy. Wśród atakujących osób byli również zamaskowani mężczyźni.

— Straż Graniczna (@Straz_Graniczna) May 22, 2023
“There are repeated attacks on Border Guard patrols guarding the border with Belarus,” tweeted Zaryn. “There is a significant increase in attempts to storm the border. Foreigners are better organized and managed by Belarusian and Russian services.”

He also stated that officers from Belarus and Russia were on the “front lines.”

“Russia remains the main beneficiary of actions against Europe,” he continued. “Launching an illegal migration route against NATO was part of its aggressive operations against the Western world. Russia still counts on the possibility of destabilizing the region.”

In 2021, Poland’s border with Belarus came under huge pressure by thousands of migrants trying to get into the country.

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