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Report on war losses caused by USSR underway in Poland

Poland is working on a report documenting the losses the country suffered as a result of the activities of the USSR, Arkadiusz Mularczyk, the country’s deputy foreign minister, reported on Monday.

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The official was asked by TVP Info whether Poland would prepare a report on the losses it suffered as a result of the actions of the Soviet Union similar to one published last year cataloging the war-time losses inflicted on Poland by Germany.

“The Institute of War Losses is working on such a report,” Mularczyk said.

“It must be as solidly documented as the report on Poland’s losses suffered as a result of the German attack, so that no one can undermine it,” he added.

The official is currently visiting Germany. On Monday, he is scheduled to hold meetings with German parliamentarians, during which the issue of compensation for Poland will be discussed.

The USSR invaded eastern Poland in September 1939, helping, through its alliance with Hitler’s Germany, to eradicate the Polish state from the map of Europe.

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