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Macron visits Mongolia to discuss trade, climate and war in Ukraine

In an unprecedented move that marks the first visit by a sitting French president to Mongolia, President Emmanuel Macron arrived in Ulaanbaatar following his participation in the G7 summit in Japan. He was warmly welcomed by Mongolian President Ukhnaagiin Khurelsukh and the two leaders held bilateral talks covering a broad range of issues including trade, investment, agriculture, security, and the environment.

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Macron’s strategic visit is seen as an effort to encourage Mongolia, a landlocked nation that has been historically dependent on its powerful neighbors, Russia and China, to diversify its international relationships. A key discussion point during Macron’s visit was Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a major theme at the G7 summit. Macron reportedly aimed to urge Mongolia’s leadership to adopt a harder stance on this issue.

In addition to geopolitical concerns, the French Presidency expressed a keen interest in fostering deeper collaboration with Mongolia to transition the country’s carbon-intensive industries towards greener and more sustainable alternatives. This aligns with global efforts to combat climate change and is particularly relevant for Mongolia, which is rich in mineral resources.

Before concluding his visit, Macron is expected to meet with the country’s Prime Minister to discuss further bilateral relations. This high-level engagement underscores France’s intention to strengthen its ties with Mongolia and influence in the region. Macron’s visit hopes to pave the way for deeper diplomatic and economic cooperation between the two nations.

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