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ICC condemns Russia for placing prosecutor on wanted list

The International Criminal Court’s member states denounce Russia’s recent addition of the court’s prosecutor and several judges to its wanted list, calling the move deeply concerning and deplorable.

Russian retaliation: ICC prosecutor added to wanted list

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The International Criminal Court’s (ICC) 123 member states expressed deep concern and deplored Russia’s decision to place the ICC’s British prosecutor, Karim Khan, and several of its judges on the Russian Interior Ministry’s wanted list.

The condemnation came from the presidency of the Assembly of States Parties to the ICC, the court’s oversight and management body. State-owned news agency TASS reported the update on Friday, citing the ministry’s database.

This move by Russia comes as part of its retaliatory actions following the ICC’s ongoing investigation into alleged war crimes committed during the conflict in Ukraine. The ICC recently confirmed it has enough evidence to probe further into the allegations.

In response, Russia has not only targeted the ICC’s personnel but has also announced its withdrawal from the Rome Statute, the treaty establishing the ICC. Such actions by Russia have escalated tensions between the country and the international judicial body.

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