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Italian destroyer to protect Polish critical infrastructure

On Saturday morning, an Italian Horizon Caio Duilio (D554) missile destroyer arrived in the Polish port of Gdynia.

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The entry of the Italian destroyer into the Port of Gdynia was announced by Polish Minister of National Defence Mariusz Blaszczak. The ship docked in the Navy’s harbor at 9 am on Saturday.

The Italian allied missile destroyer ITS CaioDuilio has arrived in Poland with powerful anti-aircraft and anti-missile weaponry, which will strengthen the defense of the Polish coast and the protection of Poland’s critical infrastructure,” Błaszczak wrote on Twitter on Saturday.

Do Polski przybył włoski sojuszniczy niszczyciel rakietowy
#ITSCaioDuilio z silnym uzbrojeniem przeciwlotniczym i przeciwrakietowym, który wzmocni obronę polskiego wybrzeża
i ochronę infrastruktury krytycznej [email protected]

— Mariusz Błaszczak (@mblaszczak) May 20, 2023
According to the head of the Ministry of Defence, the Italians would reinforce Polish air defense.

“The presence of the Italian ship is the result of my discussions with the Italian Minister of Defense, Guido Crosetto. The Italians will strengthen our air defense for at least six months,” said Blaszczak.

The Minister of National Defence visited Rome on Wednesday, where he met with his Italian counterpart.

The main topics of the meeting were military relations, including the modernization of the Polish army, the current security situation in the context of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and issues of further assistance to the country.

On Twitter, the arrival of the Italian ship was also addressed by the head of the National Security Office, Jacek Siewiera.

“Hours after President Andrzej Duda signed the resolution, the Italian missile destroyer ITS Caio Duilio enters the port of Gdynia. It is one of the most modern ships in Europe: 48 missile launchers and radar capabilities reaching hundreds of kilometers,” Siewiera wrote.

Kilkadziesiąt godzin po podpisaniu przez Prezydenta @AndrzejDuda postanowienia, do portu w Gdyni wchodzi włoski niszczyciel rakietowy ITS Caio Duilio. To jeden z najnowocześniejszych okrętów w Europie: 48 wyrzutni rakiet i zdolności radiolokacyjne sięgające setek kilometrów.…

— Jacek Siewiera (@JacekSiewiera) May 20, 2023
The vessel is 153 meters long and 20.3 wide. The destroyer is armed with a PAAMS missile system with 48 Aster vertical launchers for anti-aircraft missiles with a combat range of up to 120 km. The ship also has eight Otomat anti-ship missile launchers and is equipped with 25mm and 76mm cannons and torpedo launchers.

Caio Duilio reaches a speed of 29 knots (approximately 54 km/h). It has a helipad with a hangar for a chopper. The vessel’s crew numbers 230.

The vessel is named after a Roman commander from the Punic War period, who was victorious in the naval battle of Mylae in 260 BC

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