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Haiyaaa: China cancels viral internet comedian over Taiwan comments

Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng, known as “Uncle Roger,” is the latest to face punitive measures on Chinese social media after he released a satirical video about the Chinese government and its policy towards Taiwan.

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On Weibo, a platform akin to Twitter, users found that Ng’s account now displays a notice that reads, “Due to violations of relevant laws and regulations, this account is currently in a state of being muted.” The specifics behind Ng’s silencing remain undisclosed by Weibo. VOA also found that Ng’s homepage on the Chinese video site Bilibili indicates that the account is under suspension.

Several netizens have pointed out that Ng’s silencing could be connected to the video he posted on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, where he satirically addressed China’s tech surveillance and claims over Taiwan as its territory. In the video, Ng humorously dealt with the subjects with a cautious approach, aware of potential surveillance.

Uncle Roger about to get cancelled.

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Ng is based in the U.K. and achieved internet fame through his “Uncle Roger” character, who humorously critiques cooking videos in a deliberately faked Southeast Asian English accent. His content is typically apolitical, marking this incident as a stark contrast to his usual avoidance of political controversy.

The comedian’s rise to internet fame was catalyzed by a reaction video he made in July 2020, where “Uncle Roger” critiqued a BBC Food video in which a chef demonstrated how to cook egg fried rice. The video became a viral sensation, with Ng’s character expressing disbelief and humorous outrage at the chef’s “incorrect” cooking methods, such as draining the rice in a colander and rinsing it under water.

Watch @MrNigelNg reacting to the egg fried rice.

— Thousand Faces Club 🌠 (@tf_dao) March 19, 2023

In 2021, Ng faced criticism for collaborating with Mike Chen, a YouTuber critical of the Chinese government, and promptly removed the video and apologized to his Chinese audience. Despite the recent controversy, Ng said he remains committed to bringing quality, interesting content to his viewers.

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