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G7 leaders make fresh commitments on AI, climate and food security

Leaders of the Group of Seven (G7) nations, who met in Hiroshima, Japan, on Saturday, called for the development and adoption of international technical standards for trustworthy artificial intelligence (AI).

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While the leaders recognised that the approaches to achieving “the common vision and goal of trustworthy AI may vary”, they said in a statement that “the governance of the digital economy should continue to be updated in line with our shared democratic values.”

They mentioned generative AI, the subset popularized by the ChatGPT app, saying they “need to immediately take stock of the opportunities and challenges of generative AI.”

The heads of government agreed on Friday to create a ministerial forum dubbed the “Hiroshima AI process” to discuss issues around generative AI tools, such as intellectual property rights and disinformation, by the end of this year.

The G7 leaders also reaffirmed their commitment to a highly decarbonised road sector by 2030 and committed to the goal of achieving net-zero emissions on roads by 2050.

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A statement on the matter highlighted various actions countries are taking, including policies for achieving 100 percent or the overwhelming penetration of sales for zero-emission vehicles in the light-duty vehicle (LDV) category by 2035 and beyond.

Food security
Earlier on Friday, G7 leaders called on all participants of the Black Sea Grain deal “to continue and fully implement its smooth operation at its maximum potential and for as long as necessary.”

The Ukraine Black Sea grain deal was extended for two more months earlier this week, in an agreement reached a day before Russia could have quit the pact over obstacles to its grain and fertilizer exports.

On Friday, G7’s statement on global food security also stressed “the importance of allowing grains to continue to reach those most in need.”

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