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Greeks bearing votes

Greece heads for what is likely to be an inconclusive parliamentary election on Sunday, paving the way for wrangling between parties to forge a ruling coalition in a deeply divided political landscape.

“The government has taken a number of measures, including subsidies and handouts, in order to protect not only the most vulnerable segments of society but also the middle class, and even though it hasn’t positively affected the polling trends, it has also prevented and protected the governing party from further electoral losses,” said political analyst Pantos Koliastasis

“I would prefer a strong one party government. This is probably true for other European countries as well. I want to ensure that we are the winners by a comfortable margin and that we sort of retain all the political initiatives the day after.” said Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis

A new voting system means an outright winner is unlikely unless the first party achieves more than about 46% of the vote, leaving the two main candidates in a scramble to find potential allies or – the more probable outcome – to lead the country into a second election in a month’s time.

For the first time in the history of Greece’s elections, the diaspora will be able to vote on May 20. We have all the details.

— The Greek Herald (@greek_herald) May 19, 2023
Opposition leader Alexis Tsiparas said, “I invite you on Monday to sit at one table after Syriza’s great victory, after our people’s great victory, which will open the way for a progressive government. Let’s put our differences aside. I extend a hand of understanding and cooperation to reach an agreement and bring the country forward. To allow society to breathe.”

Political analyst Pantos Koliastasis explained “The second round of elections will be held under the re-enforced proportional representation system, according to which the winning party is granted a bonus of 50 seats. It seems, under the current polling projections, that the “New Democracy” will enjoy a parliamentary majority.”

He added, “In order to keep going on a path of economic prosperity and growth in the future, political stability is the main key. In any other case, political uncertainty may return, and as a result, political risk will be higher as well.”

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