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Germany: CDU/CSU faction calls for controls at Polish border

In a motion passed at Tuesday’s meeting, the CDU/CSU parliamentary group called on the German government to “temporarily extend the controls taking place at the German-Austrian border to the borders with Poland, the Czech Republic and Switzerland, as long as an excessively high number of illegal entries persists.”

Germany has been controlling the border with Austria in Bavaria since the Autumn of 2015 after tens of thousands of refugees and other migrants crossed from Greece into Western Europe via the Balkan route.

A spokesman for the Christian Democrats’ parliamentary group on domestic policy, Alexander Throm, justified the request with, among other things, an increase in asylum applications. In the first four months, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees received more than 100,000 asylum applications.

The number of illegal entries into Germany via its eastern border has increased significantly in recent months. In March, police recorded 800 such cases in Brandenburg and Berlin, compared to 605 in the same month last year, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper website reported this week.

Other sections of the German-Polish border and, to a much lesser extent, the German-Czech border were also affected. In March alone, 1,556 migrants entered the country through Germany’s eastern border without permission.

According to Sunday reports, the interior ministers of Brandenburg and Saxony called for the introduction of stationary controls on the border with Poland and the Czech Republic to curb unauthorized refugee entries. Deputy Minister-President of Brandenburg Michael Stübgen (CDU) and State Minister of the Interior of Saxony Armin Schuster (CDU) sent a letter to Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser on the issue ahead of a refugee summit scheduled for Wednesday.

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