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Activist bathes in red paint in front of Russian Embassy in Prague

In front of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Prague, activist Julie Levkova from organization “Voice of Ukraine” bathed herself in red paint on Tuesday. She wore a traditional Russian headpiece adorned with the letter Z. According to Levkova’s statements given to the Polish Press Agency (PAP), she hoped to draw attention to the fact that Putin’s Russia is a fascist state.

The red paint within a children’s pool colored in Ukrainian flag colors, symbolized the blood spilled by Putin. Levkova said, “On the day when Russians celebrate victory over fascism, we wanted to show who the real fascist is,” speaking to PAP.

On May 9, in Prague, in front of the Russian embassy, a Czech activist wore a kokoshnik with the letter Z and doused herself in red paint, symbolizing the blood of Ukrainians.

— Devana 🇺🇦 (@DevanaUkraine) May 9, 2023
She emphasized that the scene she performed had not intended to gather opponents of Putin, including Ukrainians, in front of the Russian embassy.

“We were afraid that the scene I portrayed, accompanied by the sounds of bombings, explosions, and gunshots – the sounds of war – would awaken traumas and bad memories from Ukraine. We wanted it to happen, for the media to see it, but without causing harm to people who have already been affected by the war,” Levkova explained to PAP.

During the performance, Levkova wore a black dress and a traditional Russian women’s headpiece called a “kokoshnik”, adorned with the letter “Z” as a symbol of Russian aggression. The character she portrayed was a “rossistka” which represents a Russian fascist.

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