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Deputy head of Slovak national bank to serve as head of technical cabinet

Following the resignation of Eduard Heger from the post of Prime Minister, Slovakia’s President Zuzana Čaputová confirmed that a technical government will be appointed on May 15. The head of the cabinet, which will serve until the snap election in late September, will be the current Deputy President of the National Bank of Slovakia, Ľudovít Ódor.

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Until the new prime minister and his cabinet members take over, the Heger government will remain in power. President Čaputová said that Heger’s announced resignation would not be in force until a new cabinet is appointed.

Čaputová said that the appointed government of technocrats, who will not run in the September 30 snap parliamentary elections, is meant to stabilize the situation in the country, as according to her, governing will not be used by them in the electoral campaign.

The new cabinet will be the third one since the last elections, which took place in late February 2020, but the first since Slovakia gained independence in 1993 that is being referred to as a technical government.

Constitutionalists say that regardless of its character and composition, the cabinet must gain a parliamentary vote of confidence within 90 days. Without a vote of confidence, the cabinet will have to resign. However, even a cabinet that has resigned remains in power until a new one is appointed.

The composition of the new cabinet, aside from the prime minister, has not been announced. Media speculate that Miroslav Wlachovský, an experienced diplomat and former ambassador to the U.K. and Denmark could serve as the foreign minister.

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