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Brandenburg, Saxony’s officials want border controls on Polish, Czech borders

Interior Ministers of Brandenburg and Saxony demand that stationary border control is reinstated on the borders with Poland and the Czech Republic in order to limit illegal migration.

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Michael Stübgen and Armin Schuster jointly addressed a letter to the federal Minister of Interior Nancy Faeser on Sunday.

As they said, border control already exists on the borders of the state of Bavaria, and they believe these are effective.

“In the context of a similar situation on the borders of Brandenburg with Poland and Saxony’s border with Poland and the Czech Republic, we have jointly appealed to the [federal] Minister of Interior to temporarily reinstate stationary control on [EU’s] internal borders,” Schuster wrote in a communique.

He quoted the head of the Ministry of Interior of Brandenburg Stübgen, who stated: “If we want to retain the freedom of movement within the Schengen Zone, we must prevent loss of control on the federal border. We expect, therefore, that the federal government will, without delay, introduce stationary border control on [EU’s] internal borders and intensify the activities connected to border protection.”

Germany reintroduced border control on the Austro-Bavarian border in the autumn of 2015, after tens of thousands of refugees and other migrants crossed from Greece into Western Europe via the Balkan route.

The letter was sent before the Wednesday summit on refugees, where representatives of the states of Germany will meet in Berlin with Chancellor Olaf Scholz to discuss further financing of the expenditures connected to refugees.

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