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Russian jet harasses Polish Border Guard aircraft

While conducting a Frontex operation, a Polish Border Guard (SG) aircraft was approached three times over the Black Sea by a Russian fighter jet, which performed aggressive and dangerous maneuvers, SG spokeswoman Lt. Anna Michalska told the Polish Press Agency (PAP).

Three Russian surveillance aircraft intercepted over the Baltic

Fighter jets of the German and British air forces have intercepted three Russian reconnaissance aircraft in international airspace over the Baltic…

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During the incident, the Polish crew reportedly lost control of the aircraft and altitude for a moment.

“During a patrol flight of a Turbolet L-410 aircraft… during a Frontex [European Border and Coast Guard Agency] operation under the Romanian command… a dangerous incident occurred,” she conveyed, explaining that “a twin-engine Russian SU 35 fighter flew into the operational area” and performed aggressive and dangerous maneuvers – three approaches to the Polish aircraft without safe separation.

“As a result of this incident, the Polish aircraft experienced high turbulence,” she pointed out.

“The crew, including primarily the two pilots, demonstrated excellent skills and great composure, thanks to which they managed to land safely,” Michalska assessed.

The official also reported that, in accordance with procedure, the State Aircraft Accident Investigation Commission was immediately informed of the incident.

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