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Slovakia: caretaker government under speculation following mass resignments

Slovak Foreign Minister Rastislav Káčer resigned on Friday after a similar decision had taken place on Thursday by Agriculture Minister Samuel Vlčan. Media and commentators are speculating that President Zuzana Čaputová will appoint a caretaker government in the near future.

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This solution had been on the table since last December, when Prime Minister Eduard Heger resigned his cabinet after losing a confidence vote in parliament. Čaputová has not appointed a new government, and the existing one has highly limited powers.

Nevertheless, the Slovak constitution does not allow for the appointment of new ministers in such a cabinet. Following the earlier resignations of the finance and health ministers, these ministries are formally managed by the prime minister herself.

The agriculture minister had stepped down following a scandal over state subsidies from the environment ministry to his company.

The head of the Foreign Ministry sent his resignation to the presidential palace from a business trip. Earlier, he criticized Heger for his Thursday statement in which the prime minister acknowledged his responsibility for the chaos in the country, but at the same time declared his willingness to stay in office until early parliamentary elections.

The Slovak media had already speculated that Čaputová would appoint a caretaker government. The formation of a new interim cabinet may take place next week.

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