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Alpine town lights up with art

Brixen, a small town in the Italian Alps, has been illuminated with a number of light art pieces as part of the Water Light Festival to the delight of its inhabitants alike.

The artistic installations come in all shapes, sounds and colors. One of the themes is lights in the sky.

“So it’s about the aerial mystery, things happening in the sky that we don’t really know what they are. Or maybe we do, but back in the day, we didn’t know what they were,” Mad Vegas, a Danish artist told Reuters describing his “Misty Mystery” installation. “So it’s about, you know, aurora borealis, the northern Lights, and maybe it’s the gods doing something, the thunder, the lightning, things like that.”

The names of the installations are really inventive. Visitors are able to witness the “Endless Rebirth”, the “Collective Scale”, “Strata” and more.

Ukrainian audio-visual artist Julia Shamsheieva, the author of “Endless Rebirth” said that her project was “about an endless loop of life that is very fragile,” adding that “we have to be responsible for our nature.”

For his part, Marcel Bueckner, an artist and media engineer at Xenorama and author of “Strata”, said that “everything dissolves and can grow again. And that’s maybe the one aspect we want to point out, that we can still act and there’s still hope.”

Clearly enough, the open-air exhibition is not just about lights but about sustainability.

“The whole world is speaking about sustainability. The whole world is speaking about global warming. I think it’s very important that the artists have the voice, that the artists are speaking and expressing themselves via light installation. This is what the Water Light Festival wants to send out,” Werner Zanotti, the curator and director of Brixen Culture said.

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