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‘Mind the gap,’ Charles to tell passengers during coronation weekend

The treacherous gap has been there even before Charles was born but throughout the coronation weekend, the monarch’s voice is to remind travelers using the train or the London tube to “mind” it.

The announcement, by Charles and his wife Camilla, will be heard by anyone traveling by train or the London underground “tube” network between Friday and Monday. The coronation takes place on Saturday.

My wife and I wish you and your families a wonderful coronation weekend,” passengers will hear Charles say, followed by wishes for a happy journey from Camilla: “Wherever you are traveling, we hope you have a safe and pleasant journey.”

“And remember, please mind the gap,” Charles will add. The phrase – intended to warn passengers about the gap between train carriage and platform – will be instantly familiar to the British and visitors to the country and is also used in some railway networks in other parts of the English-speaking world.

“The coronation is a rare and exciting event and we very much look forward to welcoming passengers with this special message,” said Jacqueline Starr, chief executive of the Rail Delivery Group, which represents Britain’s rail industry.

The recording will be played in all 2,570 railway stations across the UK.

The coronation will take place on Saturday, starting at 11 am local time. The ceremony, conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, will last for just over an hour.

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