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A revisionist performance on victims’ graves

As Zygmunt Bauman pointed out, many an ardent anti-Semite flatly refused to cooperate with Holocaust perpetrators.

The outrage after Barbara Engelking’s statement does not subside. Let us remind our readers: during a talk in one of commercial TV stations on the 80th anniversary of the Warsaw ghetto uprising Engelking expressed opinion that during the German occupation Poles „simply failed” their Jewish compatriots.

To fully demonstrate the strength of this accusation it is worth to quote a tweet by Jakub Biedrzyński, an entrepreneur and journalist associated with liberal and leftist circles. Not only did he agree with Engelking, but intensified her message writing that Poles „gave Jews over to Germans on a mass scale, perpetrated pogroms, blackmailed and robbed victims on a mass scale”.

After reading these horrific statements it is hard to resist an impression that what we are dealing with is an orchestrated provocation, some form of a revisionist performance calculated to stir up an angry response. Such violation of a taboo is bound to spark a reaction of Polish „bigots”, make them demonstrate their fury and thus be disgraced in the eyes of the world.

An antisemitic slur in response to anti-Polish black PR would be a proof that Poles are a nation of Jew-baiters. And obviously there are many individuals and groups out there interested – for various reasons – in branding Poles as such.

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By Filip Memches

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