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Russian celeb enjoys Barcelona holiday after removal from sanctions list

Olga Buzova, a controversial figure in Russia known for her support of President Vladimir Putin and involvement in Kremlin propaganda campaigns, has been at the center of rumors that she has been removed from the European Union’s sanctions list.

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Buzova was among several individuals and entities that were sanctioned in March 2021 for their alleged involvement in human rights abuses in Russia and the annexation of Crimea. The sanctions included a travel ban and asset freeze.

Buzova gained notoriety at the start of the Ukrainian conflict for dedicating a song to Russians fleeing forced mobilization. She has since demonstrated her support for the war promoted by Putin on social media and has criticized Russians who have left the country due to their opposition to Putin’s policies.

The rumors of Buzova’s removal from the sanctions list were fueled by reports that she was seen on vacation in Barcelona, suggesting that the travel ban against her had been lifted.

Singer Olga Buzova, who actively supports #Putin and the invasion of #Ukraine, boasts pictures from a vacation in sunny #Barcelona.

— NEXTA (@nexta_tv) April 30, 2023

Her supporters saw this as a victory for Russian patriotism, while her critics argued that her support for Putin and involvement in Kremlin propaganda make her complicit in the regime’s authoritarianism and human rights abuses.

The EU has yet to confirm whether Buzova has been removed from the sanctions list, but the rumors have already sparked a debate about the EU’s approach to Russia and the role of individuals like Buzova in the Kremlin’s propaganda machine.

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