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Attempt to sew the longest Polish flag underway

In Międzyzdroje, north-west Poland, an attempt to set a new Polish record for the longest national flag has begun. The flag is to be almost 3 kilometers long and its sewing took several days.

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The flag, divided into two parts, has been taken to the beach, where it will be finally sewn together, marking the National Flag Day. Organizers encouraged residents and tourists to attend the event and help carry the flag.

Moreover, in Świnoujscie, some 20 kilometers from Międzyzdroje, the huge 600-square-meter was flown on the lighthouse for the 10th time.

The Polish national colors date back to the reign of the Piast dynasty. Their choice is a reflection of the colors of the Polish flag – a white eagle on a red background.

However, white and red were officially recognized as the Polish national colors in 1792, on the 1st anniversary of the Constitution of May 3.

The National Flag Day was established in 2004.

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Attempt to sew the longest Polish flag underway, Photos: PAP/Marcin Bielecki

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