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We want to speed up repatriation of Poles in Kazakhstan: official

About 7,000 Poles living in Kazakhstan are waiting to return to their homeland – we want to accelerate the repatriation process, presidential minister Andrzej Dera declared on Tuesday.

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In an interview with Polish Radio, Dera revealed that in recent years there has been an acceleration of the whole procedure and the passage of Poles who live in Kazakhstan to Poland.

At the same time, he reported that work is underway in President Andrzej Duda’s Office to ensure that as many Poles as possible who express such a desire return to their homeland.

“I hope that by the end of Andrzej Duda’s presidency, it will be possible to bring a significant number of these people back to Poland. This will be one of the challenges until the end of the president’s term,” he said.

Dera said that both conceptual and statutory work is underway. “We are working at the moment on a way to speed up the process so that as many Poles as possible return to our homeland,” he added.

Since 2002, May 2 has been celebrated, among other things, as the Day of Poles Abroad. It honors those living outside Poland who strived for Polish independence and expressed their attachment to the country.

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