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Poles worldwide celebrate National Flag Day

Poles living both in the country and abroad are celebrating on Tuesday the Polish National Flag Day. May 2, the date marking this special event, was chosen because of two main reasons.

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The first, a historical one, is connected with the fact that on May 2, 1945, the Polish flag was hung in Berlin on the Reichstag and the Victory Column.

The second was defiance against the communist regime, which abolished the 3rd of May Constitution holiday: after May 1, the flags were to be taken down immediately so that they would not be around until May 3.

The holiday was introduced by virtue of the amendment to the Act on emblem, colors and anthem of the Republic of Poland, adopted by the lower house of parliament (Sejm) on 20 February 2004.

Już jutro #2maja 🇵🇱.#DzieńFlagi to okazja do zwrócenia szczególnej uwagi na nasze symbole i barwy narodowe. Zapraszamy jutro na nasz profil, gdzie będziemy się z Wami dzielić wiedzą o #BiałoCzerwona.

— Ministerstwo Obrony Narodowej 🇵🇱 (@MON_GOV_PL) May 1, 2023

The Polish national colors date back to the reign of the Piast dynasty. Their choice is a reflection of the colors of the Polish flag – a white eagle on a red background. However, white and red were officially recognised as the Polish national colors in 1792, on the 1st anniversary of the Constitution of May 3.

There are a couple of rules pertaining to the official national flag. It should have proportions of 5:8, on the Polish territory, it shall take precedence over any other flag, whereas any signs or inscriptions on the flag are prohibited.

Along with the Flag Day on May 2 Poland celebrates the Day of Poles abroad, established by the Sejm on March 20, 2002.

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