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Russians suffer 100,000 casualties in Ukraine over just 5 months, U.S. estimates

The White House on Monday estimated that Russia’s military has suffered 100,000 casualties over the last five months in fighting against Ukraine in the Bakhmut region.

Bakhmut’s key supply route remains under Ukrainian control

Ukraine remains in control of a key supply route into Bakhmut, a military spokesperson said on Saturday, as the head of Russia’s mercenary Wagner…

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White House national security spokesperson John Kirby gave reporters the figure, based on U.S. intelligence estimates, which included more than 20,000 dead, half of them from the Wagner mercenary group which includes convicts released from prison to join the fighting.

“Russia has exhausted its military stockpiles and its armed forces and since December alone, we estimate that Russia has suffered more than 100,000 casualties, including over 20,000 killed in action, nearly half of whom were Wagner soldiers,” he said.

Ukraine has claimed to have inflicted 89,440 and 190,960 casualties against Russian invasion forces and their proxies on December 1, 2022, and May 1 respectively. However Ukrainian sources claim that the figure reflects “neutralized” enemy personnel, suggesting KIA. website estimates the current number of wounded enemy soldiers at 572,880, based on a 3 to 1.3 wounded for one KIA.

“Russia’s attempt at an offensive in the Donbas largely through Bakhmut has failed,” Kirby said. “Russia has been unable to seize any real strategic and significant territory.”

Kirby said the Russians have made some incremental gains in Bakhmut but that this has come at a “terrible, terrible cost” and that Ukraine’s defenses in the region remain strong.

“It’s really stunning, these numbers,” Kirby added, saying the total is three times the number of American casualties in the Guadalcanal campaign in World War Two.

Kirby said another U.S. weapons package for Ukraine would be announced soon.

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