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Ruling coalition leads support ranking

The ruling United Right coalition would win an election held today with 37 percent of the vote, followed by main opposition grouping Civic Coalition (KO) with 28 percent, a Social Changes survey revealed on Sunday.

Third would be the Left with 10 percent, before the far-right Confederation party with 9 percent.

Support for the United Right is 2 percentage points (pp) down from last week, support for KO and the Left is unchanged, support for the Confederation party is 2 pp up.

Poland 2050 could count on 7 percent (unchanged), the agrarian Polish People’s Party (PSL) would get 5 percent (unchanged).

In all, 58 percent of those polled declared their will to vote, a 2 pp fall from last week.

Social Changes ran the computer-assisted survey on April 21-24 on a random sample of 1,048 Poles.

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