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#PolishHeritageDays just around the corner

As the celebrations of Poland’s key national holidays are fast approaching, the Polish Foreign Ministry invites all Poles and friends of Poland to celebrate this time by organizing events dedicated to Polish heritage.

May 1st marks Poland’s Labor Day, May 2nd is celebrated as Polish Diaspora Day and Polish National Flag Day, and finally, the third day of celebrations commemorates the May 3rd Constitution.

The month of May also marks the birthday of Polish Pope John Paul II and the victory at the Battle of Monte Casino.

Throughout the whole month of May, we invite you to #PolishHeritageDays! 🇵🇱 @PolandMFA

— TVP World (@TVPWorld_com) April 29, 2023


The 2023 Polish Heritage Days will begin shortly after the Constitution of May 3 celebrations.

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The Polish Foreign Ministry invites anyone willing to celebrate Polish heritage to get involved by joining an already existing Polish Heritage Day event or creating a new one.

Anyone interested in creating their own event just has to brand it with the Polish Heritage Days hashtag (#PolishHeritageDays) and under the White and Red flag.

Last year’s Polish Heritage Days saw more than 100 initiatives organized in towns and cities around the world.

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