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Israelis continue to protest against suspended judicial overhaul

Tens of thousands of Israelis have taken to the streets in Tel Aviv to protest against the Israeli government’s plans to overhaul the judiciary system. Protesters see the move as an existential threat to Israel’s democracy.

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Opposition of Netanyahu claimed that the government’s proposed changes will erode the country’s democracy and lead to unequal opportunities for citizens. Demonstrators carried banners and posters against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been accused of pushing for curbs on the judiciary.

Many protesters believe that Israel’s economic thriving and the equal opportunities that exist for all citizens are due to the country’s current democracy. They worry that the proposed changes will undo the progress the country has made over the past 75 years.

For the seventeenth week, protests have been taking place in Tel Aviv, becoming a weekly occurrence. This latest demonstration is seen as significant because it comes just two days before the opening of Knesset’s summer session.

The government has argued that the changes are necessary to rein in activist judges who have been accused of interfering with the executive and parliament.

However, the stand-off has raised deeper questions about Israel’s future beyond the Supreme Court’s makeup and the executive’s power to override its decisions.

The government has agreed to pause the plans for more consultation after widespread protests. Still, many Israelis continue to protest the issue.

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