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French policeman seriously injured as illegal migrants still pour into U.K.

A French policeman was seriously injured with a knife on Saturday while trying to stop illegal immigrants trying to cross the English Channel to Britain, the French daily Le Monde reported.

Illegal migrants are still trying to enter the U.K. by boat, despite the British government passing the “Illegal Migration Bill” aimed at deterring asylum seekers from crossing the Channel illegally.

🚨 | BREAKING: Tory MPs have PASSED the Illegal Migration Bill which will now progress to the House of Lords

✅ AYES: 289
❌ NOES: 230

— Politics UK (@PolitlcsUK) April 26, 2023

“The bill will bar from claiming asylum almost anyone entering Britain on small boats or without prior permission, imposing a “legal duty” on the home secretary to detain and remove such people to a “safe” third country or to their country of origin,” the Financial Times wrote on Wednesday.

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According to police reports cited by Le Monde, violent attacks on officers trying to stop illegal migrants are becoming more and more common in France.

Last year, Britain recorded a record number of nearly 46,000 illegal immigrants trying to enter the country by boat.

French policeman stabbed

The policeman was trying to stop a group of 60 migrants on a beach near Calais from getting on a rubber pontoon when he was stabbed in the hand.

On the night of Friday to Saturday, police destroyed three rubber dinghies on the beach in which the migrants planned to cross from northern France to the UK.

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