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Ukraine sends protest notes to Poland, EU over food ban

Ukraine has handed protest notes to the Polish embassy and the EU’s representative office in Ukraine over bans on Ukrainian foods imposed by Poland and four other Eastern European countries.

Oleg Nikolenko, spokesman for the Ukrainian foreign ministry, said on Saturday that the Polish embassy and the EU office received the notes on Friday.

Ukraine said that “trade restrictions on Ukrainian agricultural products are totally unacceptable.”

“Such limitations, regardless of the reasons behind them, are not in line with the Ukraine-EU association agreement and the principles and norms of the EU single market,” Nikolenko said on social media.

According to him, “there is full legal basis for the immediate reinstating of exports of Ukrainian agricultural products to Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Bulgaria” as well as continued transit to other countries.

The Polish government introduced its ban on Ukrainian foods in mid-April amid mass protests by Polish farmers who complained about depressed prices and problems with selling their own produce.

Poland and the four other countries have also asked the EU to implement restrictions on imports of Ukrainian foods and said this would allow them to lift their own bans. 

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