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Sanctions on Russia cannot be circumvented: PM Morawiecki

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced that Poland will support the imposition of potential sanctions on countries that help Russia deliver goods banned from export.

Poland opens up debate on 11th package of sanctions against Russia

Poland this month presented a proposal for a new set of sanctions against Russia for waging war against Ukraine, including a ban on pipeline oil…

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“Not only do we support the European Commission’s actions, but Poland is among the few countries that are the loudest in saying that sanctions must work in real terms, they cannot be allowed to be circumvented,” Morawiecki pointed out.

“I realize that this may involve some economic retaliation, but if we, the European Union, do not want to ridicule ourselves, allow others to say that our sanctions are a blowout, that they do not work, then Poland is calling for these sanctions to be real,” he stressed.

The Prime Minister noted that in order for the sanctions already in place to be effective, “they cannot be circumvented, and very often third countries take advantage of the fact that Russia is forced to sell its goods elsewhere.”

As reported by Bloomberg, the EU intends to ban the transit of many goods through Russian territory, in an effort to strengthen compliance with previously introduced sanctions. The ban would apply to technologies and products that go through Russian territory to third countries.

So far, the EU has implemented 10 packages of sanctions against Russia after the country’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022. They concern, among other things, the transfer of goods, technology and the movement of people.

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