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EU to sanction-target those who threaten Moldova’s sovereignty

The European Council adopted on Friday a new framework, granting the EU the possibility of imposing sanctions against persons responsible for “supporting or implementing actions which undermine or threaten the sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Moldova.”

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“Thanks to this new framework, the EU will be able to target for instance individuals who obstruct or undermine the democratic political process, including the holding of elections, or attempt to overthrow the constitutional order, including through acts of violence,” the Council wrote on its website.

“Future restrictive measures could also target individuals who engage in serious financial misconduct concerning public funds and the unauthorized export of capital, insofar as they could take control over or seriously influence the activities of state authorities,” it added.

Sanctions are to include a travel ban for natural persons to the EU as well as an asset freeze and prohibition on the availability of cash for both individuals and companies.

I welcome EU's adoption of sanctions to counter actions destabilising Moldova.

The decision sends a strong message that malign interference will not be tolerated.

Grateful to @BogdanAurescu for driving this key initiative.

— Maia Sandu (@sandumaiamd) April 28, 2023
Since the start of the ongoing war, efforts to destabilize the Republic of Moldova have increased noticeably, and they now directly threaten the stability and security of the EU’s external borders, the Council emphasized.

The European Council granted the Republic of Moldova candidate country status on June 23, 2022, praising the country’s leadership for its progress in the reform agenda.

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