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Malawian and Polish delegations discuss economic cooperation in Warsaw

Malawi’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Nancy Tembo visited Warsaw on Wednesday to meet with Poland’s Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau. Following the meeting of the two countries’ top diplomats, Minister Tembo and her delegation met with Polish officials to discuss, among others, the economic cooperation between the two countries.

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“Minister Zbigniew Rau met today with the Malawi Foreign Minister Nancy Tembo,” reads a tweet published by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on April 26. “The main topics of the talks were Polish-Malawi relations, including economic cooperation as well as development and humanitarian aid.”

Min. @RauZbigniew spotkał się dziś z min. SZ Malawi 🇲🇼 @nancygtembo.

Głównymi tematami rozmów były 🇵🇱🇲🇼 relacje, w tym w ramach współpracy gospodarczej oraz pomocy rozwojowej i humanitarnej.

— Ministerstwo Spraw Zagranicznych RP 🇵🇱 (@MSZ_RP) April 26, 2023

Following the meeting between Rau and Tembo, the Malawi delegation met with Polish officials led by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture Rafał Romanowski, the main subject of the bilateral political consultations focusing on agricultural cooperation.

Deputy Minister Romanowski presented the potential of the Polish agricultural sector and stressed the readiness of Polish entities to boost the exports of agricultural and food produce, particularly grain, to Malawi. Minister Nancy Tembo confirmed that Malawi is interested in that as well.

In January and February this year, Poland exported EUR 7.4 mln worth of agricultural produce to Malawi, but the only commodity exported was wheat.

He also expressed the hope that the procedure for veterinary certification of fish produce can be agreed upon shortly.

Tembo praised the achievement of the Polish agricultural sector and expressed hope for cooperation between the two countries. Possible areas of cooperation include the mechanization of agriculture, minimizing harvest waste, development of fisheries, boosting exports, and education in the field of agriculture.

The Malawi delegation proposed that a memorandum on agricultural cooperation be signed by the two sides, which it offered to draft.

Deputy Minister Romanowski further said that it would be possible for Polish agricultural and aquacultural research institutions to engage in collaboration with Malawi. He named the National Center for Supporting Agriculture as a Polish government agency that could provide comprehensive support to develop commerce between Poland and Malawi.

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