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Czech Rep. approved defense cooperation with U.S.

The Czech Republic has approved a defense cooperation agreement with the United States, according to Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala, who announced the decision during a televised news conference on Wednesday.

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Fiala stated that the agreement was important for enhancing the country’s security in the face of an unquiet and unstable international environment.

The agreement establishes a framework for a possible U.S. military presence in the Czech Republic and covers issues such as the jurisdiction over foreign troops, environmental regulations, and rules for operating vehicles.

However, Czech Defence Minister Jana Černochová emphasized that the agreement did not mean an immediate decision on the establishment of foreign military bases, and that such a move would require separate agreement and parliamentary approval.

Černochová highlighted that the Czech Republic was now the 25th NATO member country to conclude such an agreement. The agreement is still subject to signature by both sides and ratification by the Czech parliament.

The approval of the agreement is seen as an important step in strengthening Czech–U.S. relations and cooperation, particularly in the field of defense. The potential presence of U.S. troops in the Czech Republic could have significant implications for regional security and geopolitical stability.

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