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Paris in flames as demonstrators oppose Macron’s pension reform

Fires burned on the streets of Paris on Thursday night as police fired tear gas to disperse protesters following the introduction of an unpopular pensions bill in the French National Assembly.

At least one car was burning, along with piles of rubbish and debris, in the streets near the Place de la Concorde. Some protesters were seen throwing cobblestones and shooting flares at police where local media reported at least 217 people were arrested, according to authorities.

Paris in flames after Macron bypasses democracy and forcibly postpones retirement so the White elderly can pay off billions in migrant refugee welfare.

— God Trumps Satan (@BridgeRubicon) March 17, 2023
The demonstration was across the river Seine from parliament, where Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne earlier on Thursday announced her government would push through the reform using a special constitution clause.

The move will ensure the bill raising the retirement age by two years to 64 is adopted after weeks of protests and fractious debate.

More than eight out of 10 people are unhappy with the government’s decision to skip a vote in parliament, and 65 percent want strikes and protests to continue, a Toluna Harris Interactive poll for RTL radio showed.

A broad alliance of France’s main unions said they would continue their mobilization to try and force a u-turn on the changes. Protests took place in cities including Toulon on Friday, and more were planned for the weekend.

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