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U.K. PM reiterates his determination to halt illegal migration

Speaking during the weekly PMQs session in Parliament, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak reiterated his determination of halting those who travel to Britain on small boats and render their asylum claims inadmissible.

Under the new law, only children, the sick or those at a “real risk of serious and irreversible harm” would be allowed to claim asylum. The legislation would disqualify migrants making use of present-day slavery laws to challenge government decisions of removing them in court hearings.

More details on the Illegal Migration Bill can be found here.

Skill system’s reboot
Asked about the government support for local investment, Sunak responded they will be investing in local workforce formation.

“The Department for Work and Pensions is directing support at sectors with labor shortages like construction and social care. And our new skills boot camps are part of a dramatic rebooting of our skills system to support workers to get the skills that they need” he added.

Ahead of the budget speech by finance minister Jeremy Hunt, he also announced the government will continue to support citizens struggling with the cost of living crisis.

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