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Slovakia upgrades air defense system thanks to Italian equipment

Slovakia, a member of NATO, is set to receive a new air defense system from Italy. The SAMP/T-MAMBA air defense system will replace the current U.S. Patriot system and will now be deployed in this eastern member of NATO.

The system, which comes with over 100 pieces of equipment, will be operated by up to 150 members of the Italian armed forces. The ministry stated that battery rotation will ensure the continuity of Slovakia’s air defenses.

Slovak Defence Minister Jaroslav Nad expressed his satisfaction with the deployment of the new system, saying, “I see this deployment as strong and unequivocal proof of the readiness and willingness of NATO member states to ensure our common defense and security.”

Last month it was announced that Germany would donate two close-range MANTIS air defense systems to Slovakia. These new additions come after Slovakia had donated its aging S-300 system to Ukraine last year.

With these upgrades, Slovakia is bolstering its air defenses and demonstrating its commitment to ensuring the security of the NATO alliance.

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