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Landslide kills 8 in Brazil’s Manaus

Heavy rains pelting the Brazilian city of Manaus triggered a landslide killing at least eight people, authorities said on Monday.

The storm descended on Manaus on Sunday evening. NT News showed footage of trees brought down, leveled houses, and heavy construction equipment working at removing the debris.

População ajuda os bombeiros a resgatar as vítimas do deslizamento de terra na zona leste de Manaus. Última atualização PRELIMINAR da Defesa Civil é de que haviam seis mortos

— bru ❤️‍🔥 (@brunoallberto) March 13, 2023

Locals and rescuers were seen working arm in arm in the early hours of Monday in search of survivors trapped under the rubble.

Que tristeza! Ao menos oito pessoas morreram neste domingo (12), após um deslizamento de terra em Manaus (AM). Entre as vítimas, quatro são adultas e outras quatro são crianças. A cidade vem sendo atingida por fortes chuvas e, de acordo com o Corpo de Bombeiros, o barranco +

— Hugo Gloss (@HugoGloss) March 13, 2023

Three people were extracted alive, local media reported.

Amazonas State Government reported four of the fatalities as adults and four being children.

Poised on the bank of the Amazon River, Manaus is exposed to frequent rainfall typical for the Amazon forests. In the city, precipitation amounts to as many as 2,300 millimeters a year. Rains are most frequent during summer, which for Brazil falls between December and April, the latter being the wettest month.

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