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Slovenia’s PM urges Bosnia to embrace ‘historic’ moment for its EU integration

Slovenian Prime Minister Robert Golob urged Bosnia’s leaders to embrace a “historic moment” created by the war in Ukraine and to kick off reforms required by the European Union in speeding up the membership process of the Balkan country.

Slovenia was the strongest supporter of Bosnia’s bid for becoming a candidate to join the European Union, which was approved in December despite a poor reform record in the ethnically-divided country.

Golob, who chose Sarajevo for his first visit to the Western Balkans region since taking office last year, said the Russian invasion of Ukraine has turned Brussels skeptics into supporters of the EU enlargement process, and this is “historic”.

“For 20 years administrative issues have in reality stopped the EU enlargement while today the process has become a political process that we want to take further on,” Golob said at a news conference held jointly with Bosnia’s PM Borjana Kristo.

“Slovenia wants to be not only a friend on that path but the biggest ally, and that is why we shall offer you all possible help, from technical to administrative and financial support,” the Slovenian PM added.

Slovenia is among the three top investors in Bosnia, and Golob noted its private investors see great potential in renewable energy sources in the country.

Following the devastating war in the 1990s which killed about 100,000 people Bosnia remains divided ethically and politically among its Serb, Bosnian, and Croat groups.

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