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Poland among countries questioning EU’s car emissions norms

Poland is among seven EU member states that will meet to discuss possible changes to the proposed Euro 7 vehicle emissions standard, the country’s infrastructure ministry stated.

Polish Infrastructure Minister Andrzej Adamczyk will meet his Czech, German, and Italian counterparts in Strasbourg on Monday, while the Hungarian, Romanian, and Slovak ministers will attend the meeting online.

The officials will discuss softening the EU’s proposed Euro 7 emissions standard that will permit no more than 60 milligrams of nitrogen oxides to be emitted by newly-manufactured cars.

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The Euro 7 emissions standard is “a proposal to reduce air pollution from new motor vehicles sold in the EU to meet the European Green Deal’s zero-pollution ambition, while keeping vehicles affordable for consumers and promoting Europe’s competitiveness,” the European Commission wrote in a press release.

The Polish stance is the same as at the informal summit of the EU Council in Stockholm and it is very clear: the meeting of climate goals in transport must take into account the capabilities of individual economies,” Andrzej Adamczyk was quoted as saying in his ministry’s press release on Monday.

Adamczyk also warned that “imposing too ambitious climate goals by the EU may increase transport exclusion.”

According to the infrastructure ministry, the Czech Republic had initiated talks on the issue and suggested “aligning stances on the key issues of car transport emissions.”

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