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US pledges to help Moldova fight Russia’s destabilization efforts

The White House has pledged to assist Moldova in fighting off Russian attempts to destabilize the Eastern European country. This follows accusations from the United States that Moscow is seeking to weaken Moldova’s government with the end goal of seeing a more pro-Russian administration in place.

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John Kirby, the White House’s national security spokesperson, warned that Russian actors were actively seeking to manufacture insurrection against the Moldovan government, using protests as a basis to do so.

While Kirby believes that there is no imminent military threat from Russia, he said Moscow was seeking to install a more Russian-friendly government as Moldova continues to integrate with Europe.

The United States plans to respond to these efforts by sharing information with Moldova and working with the U.S. Congress to provide an additional USD 300 mln in energy assistance to address urgent needs arising from the war in Ukraine.

The U.S. government will also continue to “shine a light” on the activities of Russian actors in Moldova, including through additional sanctions.

Kirby rejected allegations made by Russian officials that Ukraine was planning to target separatists from Transdniestria, a Moscow-backed breakaway region of Moldova, calling them unfounded and baseless.

Moldovan President Maia Sandu has expressed concerns about Moscow’s intentions towards her country and the presence of Russian troops in Transnistria.

U.S. President Joe Biden met with Sandu in February during a visit to Warsaw, where he reaffirmed the United States’ support for Moldova’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The White House has shared information with Moldovan counterparts to help them further investigate and disrupt Russian plans.

The United States is standing with Moldova in its efforts to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity, demonstrating its commitment to supporting its allies in the region.

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