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Moldova faces hybrid warfare amid protests

Signs of a hybrid war are visible in Moldova but Ukraine is ready for a threat from Transnistria, Natalia Humeniuk, spokeswoman for the defense forces in southern Ukraine, said at a briefing on Thursday.

Kremlin stands behind protests in Chișinău: Moldovan PM

Criminal groups are behind the anti-government protests regularly organized in Chișinău since autumn, Moldovan Prime Minister Dorin Recean said in…

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“Considering the internal situation in Moldova it is clear that signs of a hybrid war are now visible there: attempts to undermine the socio-political system, spreading propaganda narratives, and bringing in groups of agitators,” Humeniuk said.

She noted that such actions are considered very serious by the Moldovan government and steps are being taken to locate their sources. Ukrainian authorities were expecting such activities at some stage of the war and sealed the border with strongly pro-Russian Transnistria before the beginning of the war.

In December, the head of the Moldovan special forces, Alexandru Musteata, assessed that the risk of Russian forces entering the territory of his country persisted and this could happen as early as 2023. He aded that it all depends on the situation at the front in Ukraine.

Moldova faces protests

Moldovan Prime Minister Dorin Recean claims that the series of recent protests in the country’s capital city was inspired by Russian-supported provocateurs and criminal groups.

“Criminal groups are behind the anti-government protests that have been organized regularly since autumn in Chișinău. The organizers of the demonstrations receive payments from the Kremlin,” said Recean in an interview with Romanian TV.

He claims that the protests paralyzing Chișinău are organized by the pro-Russian ȘOR party and there are no genuine demonstrations taking part, but rather members of criminal groups “allied with Moscow’s interests”.

Recean added that his Moldovan security forces “have the situation under control” and will stop any attempts at destabilization.

He considers actions taken by pro-Russian groups as part of the hybrid warfare but he assured that there was no military threat from Russia.

“There is no reason to fear an armed attack. Russia does not have sufficient means to escalate (…) and is currently unable to reach Moldova,” Recean said.

He also rejected the possibility of a military threat to Moldova in separatist Transnistria.

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