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He wants to sue the prison

The court – in defiance of Ms. Prosecutor – granted the man high compensation. After our article on the Łomża’s living hell of the resident Łomże the trial was attended by journalists from all over Poland. From local media, through regional ones to nationwide TVs. Before their eyes the judiciary admitted that the man from Łomża was right.

We covered the case of Daniel Kasprzyk, aged 50, who was beaten and raped twice in the remand by his inmate, in the previous issue of TVP Weekly. We have shown the tragedy of this resident of Łomża and a number of irregularities in the case of alleged pedophilia. Including the highly controversial (euphemistically speaking) conduct of the prosecutor, Anna Zejer who first – despite withdrawing testimonies incriminating Kasprzyk – refused to release him from prison. And then (representing the prosecutor’s office in the case of damages – so, in fact in her personal interest) recognized that the court of first instance had made a mistake and granted a “grossly high compensation”. She offered Kasprzyk PLN 30,000 (in the appellation she doubled this amount), explaining that the man could “become rich groundlessly”.

Find the entire story here.

– Karol Wasilewski
– Translated by Dominik Szczęsny-Kostanecki

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