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Brussels marches in support of Ukraine, Berlin – against

2,500 demonstrators marched in Brussels, Belgium, in support of Ukraine, one year after the beginning of Russia’s invasion, as reported by local police.

The protest was organized by a non-profit organization called Promote Ukraine.

Actions of solidarity with #Ukraine are taking place today in different countries. Photos from #Brussels, #Paris and #London.

— NEXTA (@nexta_tv) February 25, 2023
The protestors were singing national Ukrainian songs and waived flags in Belgium’s capital city.

Berlin marches against Ukraine

In Berlin, some 10,000 people demonstrated against supplying Ukraine with weapons for war with Russia. The march brought criticism from German government officials. Large police forces were present to maintain order.

Nachdem bereits #DIELINKE-Fahnen von Rechten entrissen wurden und zu Boden gegangen sind, greifen nun auch an anderer Stelle Teilnehmer der friedlichsten #Friedenskundgebung für den #Frieden den Gegenprotest an und versuchen Schilder zu entreißen.#b2502

— Nicola Sacco (@SchwarzePalmen) February 25, 2023
Organized by a prominent Die Linke left-wing German politician, the protest’s aim was to attack the declarations of further support for the war-torn country.

50.000 Menschen auf der #Friedenskundgebung #AufstandFuerFrieden in Berlin am Brandenburger Tor! #b2502

— Sevim Dağdelen, MdB (@SevimDagdelen) February 25, 2023
“We call on the German chancellor to stop the escalation of arms deliveries. Now!…Because every day lost costs up to 1,000 more lives – and brings us closer to a third world war,” the protesters wrote on their website.

The demonstration called the “Uprising for Peace” was co-organized by Sahra Wagenknecht, a member of the Die Linke party.

Berlin today. Don’t let the Scholz govt’s woeful comms & Putin’s trolls distract from the truth: the German people #StandWithUkraine 💙✊♥️🖤

— Jessica Berlin (@berlin_bridge) February 24, 2023
Some Berliners protested the image of the city caused by the protests and recalled Germany’s growing commitment to help Ukraine.

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