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Stable peace is the only acceptable option to end the war in Ukraine: Polish FM

“A lasting and just peace in Ukraine will be possible only when its sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity are confirmed,” said Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau on Thursday during a special session of the UN General Assembly dedicated to Ukraine. He also encouraged states to adopt a resolution co-authored by Poland, calling for a just peace in Ukraine.

“A complete, just, and lasting peace is the only acceptable option to end the war in Ukraine. This will only be possible when the country’s sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity are confirmed,” Rau said.

The Foreign Minister called on Russia to immediately withdraw its troops from Ukraine and stressed that Poland supports international initiatives to hold Kremlin accountable for its crimes.

Rau also assessed that Ukrainians, defending themselves against a brutal attack, defend not only their identity, independence, and freedom, but also the international order based on principles, and the outcome of the war will have global repercussions.

“For Russia, this war is about its imperial desires and ambitions. For Ukraine, this war is a defense of the right to sovereignty and territorial integrity. For all of us here, this war is about the most fundamental principles of the UN. Let us reaffirm their fundamental importance and commitment,” Rau urged.

He also pledged Poland’s continued support and shelter for refugees from Ukraine. it is estimated that 8 million Ukrainians fled the war-torn country in addition to some 6 million internally displaced people, two-thirds of whom are women and children.

On Friday, Rau will take part in the meeting of the UN Security Council convened on the anniversary of the Russian invasion.

The head of the UN General Assembly Csaba Kőrösi said that the extraordinary special session launched in New York on Wednesday is devoted to “the grim first anniversary of the war in Ukraine.”

“It is despair, displacement, destruction, and death that Europe has not seen for decades. The staggering scale of losses exceeds human endurance – thousands of civilians and soldiers died and countless people were injured,” Corosi said.

During the session, the first lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska appealed for the establishment of a special tribunal for crimes committed during the Russian aggression against her country.

The vote on the resolution on the conditions underpinning a just and lasting peace in Ukraine is scheduled for this evening.

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