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We need to prepare for years-long deterrence: Polish PM tells Hungarian President

“We must prepare for years-long deterrence and defense against the Russian threat,” Poland’s Prime Minister Morawiecki said in a meeting with Hungarian President Katalin Novak on the sidelines of the Bucharest Nine summit in Warsaw.

“In this context, many an economic challenge lies ahead, including the energy crisis and inflation in the whole of Europe,” he told his interlocutor during their meeting in the Palace on the Isle located in Warsaw’s historic Royal Łazienki Park on Wednesday.

The war in Ukraine is the most important topic of all that we also must tackle,” he said. “Rightly so, we can now discuss this topic with our friends from Hungary.”

Having recalled that February 24 would see the first anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Hungarian President Novak agreed that it was right “to talk about what has happened in the last twelve months and what is still ahead of us.” She went on to stress that both she and the Polish PM hope that the war in Ukraine would end.

I am here not just as a president but also as a friend of Poles,” she said and added, turning to PM Morawiecki: “You know that Hungarian-Polish friendship was very important, which is why I am immensely grateful for today’s opportunity that we can talk and that this will be an important and an honest one.”

Following a meeting behind closed doors, the officials would join the meeting of Poland and Hungary’s delegations.

The Polish PM and the Hungarian President, as a spokesperson of the Polish government previewed earlier, were to talk about bilateral and regional cooperation, but also the challenges entailed by the Russian aggression on Ukraine and ensuring security for the embattled country and Europe.

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