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US able to maintain global order, says Polish president

"More America in Europe, stronger ties of the EU with the US, more cooperation between the EU and the US on economic and security issues, and on all matters which are extremely significant for us," Duda said.
Marcin Obara/PAP

Andrzej Duda, the Polish president, has said that President Joe Biden’s visit to Poland is a sign of US dedication to global and European security.

“Your visit is an important sign of security, a signal of US responsibility for the security of the world and Europe. America can keep the world order,” Duda told Biden during their bilateral meeting in Warsaw on Tuesday.

President Duda thanked his US counterpart for his Monday visit to Kyiv, having described it as “a spectacular strategic and political move which had boosted morale of Ukraine’s defenders and as an act of great courage.”

Biden made the surprise visit to the Ukrainian capital on Monday before travelling to Poland.

The Polish president added that the visit also was an extraordinary gesture shown to our Allies within NATO and, generally, people standing on the side of the free world and the entire global public opinion.

“Also, it was a signal to those who violate international rules, who invaded a sovereign and independent state that is Ukraine, who are bombing houses, who are destroying the infrastructure which is used by people in their everyday lives,” the Polish president said.

He also said the visit was “a significant sign that the free world and its biggest leader, the president of the United States, stands by them,” and added that it “shows that the free world has not forgotten Ukraine.”

“…Looking at what you did yesterday, we believe that America is able to maintain the global order, to guard the global order, and to show all the aggressors who want to destroy other people’s lives, who want to take control of other countries, who want to enslave other nations — it shows that there is no acceptance of the democratic community, represented by the United States of America, to such behaviour, to such acts,” the Polish president noted.

Duda said he was extremely glad to host the US president in Poland and said that “this is also a crucially important sign to us, a sign of security.”

The Polish president added that it was a symbolic visit the entire region. “It sends a very powerful message of responsibility, which the United States of America carries constantly for the security of Europe and the world.”

Duda said that this was also for him a confirmation that Poland was doing the proper thing.

“The actions which we have been taking recently vis-a-vis Ukraine, by supporting Ukraine, by sending weapons to Ukraine, by helping Ukrainians, by supporting them in all different ways, it has proved that this is the right path. It has proved that we are supported in this respect by the United States,” he said.

According to Duda, Joe Biden’s visit to Poland is also a powerful signal to the global and American investors as the US president’s visit proves that Poland is safe and secure.

“Poland is safe and secure thanks to the presence of the U.S. Armed Forces, thanks to the presence of NATO troops, and also thanks to our efforts to reinforce Poland’s security, Poland’s defence capabilities,” he said.

Having emphasised the significance of the transatlantic ties for Europe, Duda said that he wanted a special resolution to be passed in May this year, in accordance with which the Polish EU presidency in 2025 will be conducted under the motto of tightening the transatlantic bond.

“We want more America in Europe, stronger bonds between the European Union and the United States, more cooperation between the European Union and the United States in economic matters and security-related matters, all which is so important to us,” the president said.

“This difficult time which we are experiencing in Europe right now and this extraordinary role played by the United States is an absolute demonstration of the fact that this is of key importance to the security and to the future development of our continent,” Duda said.

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