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Joe Biden’s visit to Poland: Address, meeting with President Duda on the agenda

After his trip to Ukraine, U.S. President Joe Biden arrived in Warsaw on Monday night. He is to spend two days in Poland, meeting with President Andrzej Duda, attending bilateral delegation talks, giving a speech near the Royal Castle, and taking part in the Bucharest Nine summit.

Joe Biden arrived in Poland already on Sunday, however, the U.S. president first made an unannounced detour to Kyiv, to meet with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

According to the Polish President’s Office, the official ceremony welcoming President Joe Biden in Poland is scheduled at 12:50 pm in the courtyard of the Presidential Palace.

After 13:00 pm, the U.S. president will discuss the most pressing issues with President Andrzej Duda during a closed-door meeting. Later at 13:35 p.m. bilateral talks between delegations led by the two presidents are scheduled.

We will stand with you as long as it takes, Biden tells Zelenskyy

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According to the Head of the International Policy Bureau Marcin Przydacz, the talks will focus on how to continue to effectively deter Russia and support Ukraine. The presidents will also discuss U.S. investment and Polish-American economic cooperation.

U.S. President’s speech

Joe Biden will deliver a speech at 17:30 pm in the Kubicki Arcades in the gardens of the Royal Castle in Warsaw.

U.S. Ambassador to Poland Mark Brzezinski said recently that Biden is expected to send a message from Warsaw that the United States will stand by the Ukrainians for as long as it is necessary.

“We will not leave them alone. We will not stop, we will not back down. We will support the Ukrainians for as long as necessary. We will protect those who support Ukrainians, such as Poland, and every inch of land,” the ambassador stressed. He also added that the American leader will also want to thank Poles for their stance against Russian aggression and for helping Ukrainians.

B9 summit

On Wednesday, the last day of Biden’s visit to Poland, the summit of the Bucharest Nine will take place. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg will also attend the meeting.

During the summit, the leaders will discuss further strengthening of NATO’s eastern flank, the Alliance’s upcoming summit in Vilnius, as well as further support for Ukraine. The B9 president’s plenary session is scheduled to begin at 14:40 pm.

The Bucharest Nine is a format bringing together the countries of NATO’s eastern flank: Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia.

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