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Nato should give Ukraine postwar security guarantees says president

Leszek Szymański/PAP

Andrzej Duda, the Polish president, has called on Nato powers to provide “some kind of security guarantees” to Ukraine after the war has finished.

The president made the call in an interview for the Financial Times (FT), published on Sunday and carried out on the side-lines of the Munich Security Conference.

The interview came out just hours before Joe Biden, the US president, was due to touch down in Warsaw for a highly-anticipated visit.

Duda told the paper Kyiv was expecting a “partnership” with “some kind of security guarantees”.

According to the FT, the guarantees Ukraine has sought would effectively bind leading Nato powers such as the US, UK and France into providing military assistance in the event of an attack on Ukraine.

The newspaper reported that President Duda’s call would require Washington to Ukraine to go beyond security pledges already made by Biden.

Some Nato nations remain wary of binding promises for fear of being dragged into a war with Russia, and instead argue for the strengthening of Ukraine’s military to ensure it can defend itself.

Duda also urged US President Joe Biden to reaffirm “in very strong terms” during his visit to Warsaw that the US stands unconditionally behind Nato’s Article 5, the collective defence clause treating any attack on a member state as an attack against all.

In the article, Duda noted that Biden’s visit, his second in under 12 months, would have “a huge impact” on “the entire eastern flank of Nato.” He added that it would also send a message to US investors that “this place is safe so you can safely invest your money here.” 

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