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Ruling coalition continues to lead in polls

Poland’s governing United Right coalition could count on 37 percent of the vote, outstripping its main rival by 9 percentage points, according to a new opinion poll.

In a Social Changes survey run for the right-wing news website, the centrist Civic Platform would get 28 percent of the vote, if a parliamentary election was held on February 19.

The two parties lost 1 percentage point each in support from the previous poll.

The Left came third on 9 percent and was followed by the conservative Poland 2050 party on 8 percent, the far-right Confederation also on 8 percent and the agrarian Polish People’s Party on 7 percent.

No other party would cross the 5 percent threshold required for parliamentary representation.

Social Changes carried out its online survey on 1,067 Poles between February 10 and 13, 2023.

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