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Poland is becoming strong man of Europe: The Times

Poland is rapidly becoming the strong man of Europe, British daily “The Times” wrote on Thursday, praising the country’s attitude towards the ongoing war in the east.

As the daily emphasized, Poland “has risen to the challenge of Russia’s attack on neighboring Ukraine like no other NATO member,” pointing out that the country admitted far more Ukrainian refugees than any other European country and “backed its hospitality with robust military commitment to Ukraine’s freedom.”

“It is raising its defense spending to 4 percent of its budget. It has 114,000 combat troops now under arms, and plans to bolster the number to 300,000. Poland was an early NATO country to urge its partners to supply Ukraine with weapons, and it is still the vital conduit through which almost all arms are brought in,” The Times stressed.

The daily also pointed out that Poland, more than other NATO members, sees the Russian invasion as an existential threat to all those countries that were once in thrall to Soviet domination. “Poland is not blind to the risk,” it wrote.

The Times stressed that the Polish military command is far-sighted, working closely with the Americans and rapidly modernizing its weapons and aircraft. It added that on the civilian side, Poland has been equally firm, as refugees from Ukraine have been allowed to settle, work and integrate, which has not been met with any major public discontent.

According to the daily, Ukraine will prevail only with the kind of support it currently enjoys from Poland, which should be an example to others.

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