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Infrastructure is foundation of our security: President Duda

Good infrastructure is a basis for building our security, Polish president Andrzej Duda said on Tuesday in Warsaw. He participated in the “Redefinition of logistics chains in the new TEN-T transport policy” international conference as part of the “Europe of the Carpathians” series.

Poland’s key investments included in Trans-European Transport Network

The Via Carpathia transnational highway, currently being built, and the planned Solidarity Transport Hub (CPK) in central Poland have been included…

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Duda emphasized that Polish security is being built, among other things, on good infrastructure.

“I am glad that Europe increasingly understands this,” he added.

The president also stressed the importance of the Via Carpathia route, a planned transnational highway network connecting Lithuania with Greece, saying that it would allow transports to Ukraine, now fighting the Russian invasion, to be conducted more efficiently.

Via Carpathia – an investment in the future of transport in #Poland and #Romania @MI_GOV_PL

— PLinRomania (@PLinRomania) May 9, 2018

Ukraine is “more than 600,000 square kilometers of a gigantic wealthy country, where 40 million more consumers live, where there is the Black Sea, huge development prospects, agriculture, the granary of half of the world,” he said.

Duda also expressed satisfaction that Poland, as well as its partners in the initiative, “are building the strength of this part of Europe, including through infrastructure development.”

“We want to reach by expressways and highways from Helsinki, Tallinn, through the following countries: Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria to Greece, Turkey, Moldova or Ukraine,” he said.

According to the president, “the essence of sustainable development of a country is that all places in the country should be fairly equally connected.” As he emphasized, a well-developed infrastructure hugely impacts business.

Infrastructure Minister Andrzej Adamczyk, present at the conference, announced that Poland will build more roads included in the European TEN-T network by 2030 than originally planned, saying that the total length of the planned roads will reach 3,800 kilometers.

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